Showcasing Small, Independent Microbreweries from South Wales and Beyond.

At Small Bar Cardiff we have 32 taps in total, pouring the worlds best beers. We try to ensure that we have a real focus on the best breweries from Wales first and foremost. We are extremely lucky in that we genuinely have world class breweries right here on our doorstep who we are privileged to call friends. Crafty Devil, Pipes, Boss, Lines and Tiny Rebel are within the city limits or just a short drive away, meaning we can pour their beers fresh as fresh can be.

We also showcase the best from elsewhere in the UK, with The Kernel, Magic Rock, Buxton, Siren and Tempest to name a few making regular appearances on our tap lists.

We've been pouring beer in Cardiff since October 2016.

Beer and bread. Twin pillars in our eternal quest to harness the magic of fermentation.

While our bar is all about beer, we are hugely passionate about anything that make our tastebuds sing. Bread has such a symmetry with beer that we have always found ourselves pairing and tasting the two together. Our menu is based around our own house baked breads and the breads of local bakeries for you to savour alongside our beers. Our chefs are constantly creating new dishes and specials and new ways of working our beers into our recipes.

Our bars foundations are built on experimentation, and this is no different in our kitchen. 

Taste, experience and enjoy.

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