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Last year I walked into a cafe in Amsterdam and tried to pay for a coffee with cash. I was a bit surprised to be told that the cafe was card only. Seemed weird at the time, but when I sat down and watched the interactions between the team and the customers, and took in the vibe of the venue it really got me thinking. Handling cash creates all sorts of problems in any venue, from increased time and complexity at the very front of it, to the risk of human error (handing over a £20 note and getting change from a £10, or simply getting the wrong change), right through to the day to day management of holding and managing cash on site. Our management team are asked to count till cash floats every morning and change of shift, and count change floats every open and close. They are asked to carry thousands of pounds to the bank weekly, both to pay money in and to receive new change to restock our float. Further to this from a more commercial perspective, we are charged by the bank every time we pay cash in, and charged by the bank every time we convert notes to change. 

We’ve tried from day 1 to create a bar that is not just focused on showcasing amazing beer with a passionate team. We’ve tried to ensure that we cultivate an environment where our team feel comfortable and supported. An environment where they feel that we have their health and happiness as our priority above and beyond our turnover and profit margin. It’s for that reason that we have chosen to go Card Only from Monday 8th October.

From that date we will no longer accept cash in our bar. We have increased our card terminals so every member of the team behind our bar can have a contactless unit with them at all times. We believe this step will help decrease service times at the bar, and take a huge amount of stress, pressure and monotonous work off the desk of our epic team. 

Bruce and the Small Bar Team.