Tempest Meet the Brewer

Tempest Meet the Brewer

After the success of Small Bar’s “Bad Seed meet the brewer,” we’re following it up with another fantastic beer event for our customers. 

Tempest Brew Co’s team from Scotland will be coming down to host a Beer Dinner on Thursday October 29th. 

Gavin & Annika, the founders of Tempest Brew Co have achieved wide spread notoriety for their imaginative brews over the years and we’re very excited to have them as our guests for the evening.The success of their massively dry hopped Brave New World IPA 7.0% & Long White Cloud 5.6% Extra Pale really demonstrate their interest in exploring the Kiwi hopped style beers. As well as that, Tempest’s ratings amongst beer advocates around the country are up there with the best. Their offering of reds, darks & pils create a beer menu as well balanced as their beers and this evening shall be no different.
It’s exciting to know they’ll be brewing some brand new brews for this one off event and having just got their hands on a brand new kit, we’re very excited to see what they come up with.

From 7.00pm until 10.00pm the brewers will be dishing out some of their latest brews for you to try.

Tickets are £18

Ticket holders will get 6 x 1/3 of Tempest’s latest and greatest. 

Grub for the night comes in the shape of a selection of imaginative hot dogs with fries washed down with a beer float dessert. 

As always these events are about you guys, so we try to make them as intimate as possible. So that you get the best experience possible, we’ve made it a ticketed only event.