New Years Eve at Small Bar

New Year’s Eve. A Time to kick back and see in the year to come with great beer and good friends. In Small Bar we hold the biggest party of the year, with a tap line up to match! The focus is as always on the quality of the beers, our food, the service and of course the atmosphere. Our whole aim with our New Years Eve party is to provide a great, relaxed atmosphere very different to the traditional New Year’s chaos. Only sell 110 tickets (our capacity when packed is 200), make sure everyone has a seat and there is no queue 3 deep at the bar. So, 110 tickets available, when they are gone they are gone! Get in early, cos last year we sold out 4 weeks in advance!

We only hold a closed door event once a year, so when we do we make sure that we do it right. For your ticket we’ll be giving you more than your money’s worth!

* 7 rare, outrageous beers from around the world (never fear, we can replace the beers with spirits, wines, ciders or soft drinks to the equivalent value if you are not a beer drinker).

* A 2 course meal, to be had at your leisure before 1030pm.

* Snacks will be served after midnight.

* A special 330ml, wax dipped bottle of a one off beer brewed by Left Handed Giant especially for the occasion.

* Tunes, the company of great folks, and good times.


Our New Years Eve events are renowned for featuring epic beer lists and we are working hard to ensure 2016 is no different! We will drip feed teasers of the beers to be poured out via social media in the coming weeks. We are looking forward to it as much as you folks are!

We don’t really do shots in Small Bar. But when we do, we do em right. We’ll be pouring a Pickle Back menu on the night. Our extensive selection of Bourbons followed by favoured and spiced brine’s. These won’t be good folks, they will be epic!

You can access tickets for our events in both Bristol and Cardiff on our Facebook Pages and via our Twitter feed.

Tempest Meet the Brewer

Tempest Meet the Brewer

After the success of Small Bar’s “Bad Seed meet the brewer,” we’re following it up with another fantastic beer event for our customers. 

Tempest Brew Co’s team from Scotland will be coming down to host a Beer Dinner on Thursday October 29th. 

Gavin & Annika, the founders of Tempest Brew Co have achieved wide spread notoriety for their imaginative brews over the years and we’re very excited to have them as our guests for the evening.The success of their massively dry hopped Brave New World IPA 7.0% & Long White Cloud 5.6% Extra Pale really demonstrate their interest in exploring the Kiwi hopped style beers. As well as that, Tempest’s ratings amongst beer advocates around the country are up there with the best. Their offering of reds, darks & pils create a beer menu as well balanced as their beers and this evening shall be no different.
It’s exciting to know they’ll be brewing some brand new brews for this one off event and having just got their hands on a brand new kit, we’re very excited to see what they come up with.

From 7.00pm until 10.00pm the brewers will be dishing out some of their latest brews for you to try.

Tickets are £18

Ticket holders will get 6 x 1/3 of Tempest’s latest and greatest. 

Grub for the night comes in the shape of a selection of imaginative hot dogs with fries washed down with a beer float dessert. 

As always these events are about you guys, so we try to make them as intimate as possible. So that you get the best experience possible, we’ve made it a ticketed only event.