What’s the name all about? Well, Small Bar is named to reflect the makers of the products we aim to represent.  Small companies, focused on making their product the best it possibly can be. The name also tells a different story however. It acts as a reminder to the people running the business of the motivations and aims set out when the bar was founded. Small Bar is a platform to showcase the best of the independents. We believe that the cornerstone of providing a great environment for you to enjoy, is to focus on quality of product and quality of service first, and the size of our profit margin second. The bar is a free of tie premises who’s driving motivation is to stay small, to stay independent, and to show that to be great, you don’t have to be big!


Enjoying beer, like enjoying food, is all about variety. We have around 31 beers on tap at any one time between cask and keg, and we would love you to try as many as possible. Drinking your beer in pint glasses would make that a rather irresponsible endeavour! We will serve our beers in 1/3rd , half pint and 2/3rd glasses, the suggested measure being appropriate to the strength of the beer, aiming to encourage people to try a selection of beers, in smaller measures. Secondly and just as importantly, enjoying beer is a large part to do with temperature. Warm beer tastes bad, and cold beer just tastes of nothing! By serving the beer in 2/3rd glasses we hope that by the end of the glass the beer will still be in the best condition possible. It certainly doesn't fix the problem of beer warming and going flat, but it helps!