As a beer bar we spend an awful lot of time talking to you folks about what beer is, and specifically what makes the beer we serve different to the beer’s you’ll find on tap in most pubs.We get asked weird and wonderful questions and every one of us enjoys the chance to engage with people on a day to day basis about our favorite subject. It’s always a challenge when we take on new staff though, as rarely are we able to take people on that have been as immersed in beer (there’s a nice thought..) as we are. So we find passionate people who have a real desire to learn and we try to help train them so when they do stand behind the bar they can talk as passionately as we do about our beers, and become a real part of the team.

We invest hugely in our staff training, from putting all new members through their Level 1 Cicerone Beer Server Exam and funding anyone that wants to through their Level 2 Beer Server (we currently have 3 on the team, with another 3 studying to sit) and we run a funding programme to pay for and allow our team to take time off work to go and visit the very best beer destinations on the planet. We believe that while education is great, actually experience is the best way to learn (and it’s pretty fun traveling to drink beer!)!

We also have our own in house training programme though, and it is this that this blog is primarily about. Jack and I (Bruce) have been working pretty hard over the last month or so to modernise our in house beer training. We have computerised the system so our training (for everything, beer, license, H&S etc) is moving all online, allowing our team to access them wherever they may be. This has led us to review all our training and in doing so it occurs to me that a lot of the beer training may be of interest to you, our customers. And as such, in the coming week’s I’m going to release section by section onto our website. We’ll leave it there as a permanent reference point for you all, so you can read them at your leisure and refer back whenever you like. They are a starting point, designed to give people a foundation as to what beer is and hopefully encourage and impassion them to seek out further knowledge. We hope you find them interesting and enjoy them and much as we enjoyed writing them.


PS If any bars out there want to use any of the materials we have put together please feel free. It would be nice if you gave us a nod of credit when doing so but is not a requirement ;-)